Keyword Description Diagram Types
abstract abstract class
act actor use case, sequence
agg aggregation class
as alias use case, sequence
asc association class
async asynchronous messages sequence
alt/else alternative execution sequence
bi bidirectional association class
boolean boolean, data type class
byte byte, data type class
card cardinality class, use case
char character, data type class
class class class
clsd class diagram class
com composition class
cond condition use case
def definition sequence
dest destruction of the lifeline sequence
double Double, data type class
ep Extension Points use case
ext Extend-Association class, use case
final final class
float float, data type class
found found messages sequence
iac interactions use case
import import class
inc include-associations use case
int integer, data type class
interface interface class
isa inheritance class, use case
long long, data type class
lost lost messages sequence
note notes class, use case
opt optional execution sequence
package package class
private/- private, visibility class
protected/# protected, visibility class
public/+ public, visibility class
reply reply messages sequence
role role class, use case, sequence
seqd sequence diagram sequence
short short, data type class
static static class
string string, data type class
sync synchronous messages sequence
sys system use case
time[] time constraints sequence
uc use case use case
ucd use case diagram use case
~ package, visibility class